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A lifetime trekking in the Indian Himalaya

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Welcome to my first Blog where I share a few reflections on spending a lifetime trekking in the Indian Himalaya.

I was privileged to discover my lifetimes vocation early in my working life. The ‘modern day trekking era’ in the early 1970’s were exciting times – I trekked in Kashmir and Nepal for the best part of six months in 1970/71 and after an overwhelming response to a small advert in the London Times lead my first trek to Kashmir in 1973. Since then I have never looked back and have returned regularly ever since and still look forward (I am now in my early 70’s) to introducing new clients to this spectacular region of the world.

My constant mantra (in my guidebooks and talks, as well as this my first blog) is that trekking is not the exclusive domain of dedicated outdoor persons. Neither is it a marathon event (there isn’t a yellow jersey for the first to arrive in camp). Providing you have a reasonable level of fitness (with a commitment to undertake an aerobic activity for two or three months before you depart). Age is no barrier (the average age of my clients is well into their 60’s) and adopt a positive mindset, then you are set to go.

I emphasise that the Himalaya is not a vast mountain wilderness and that one of the true delights is sharing experiences with the local people. This in turn provides a great opportunity to reassess values as well returning fitter and healthier than you are felt for years.

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